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Hills Solar Installers are committed to providing our

customers with a cost-effective solar system that comes with a comprehensive system guarantee (not just the panels). We’re a company that you can trust. We've got you covered for years, including labour, performance, and parts.


Our service provides the most energy-efficient and high-performance solar panels on the Hills District market. Because more power implies greater savings and fewer panels on your property, it's a win-win situation. Our licensed staff are friendly, so don't hesitate to contact us if there are problems we need to address. Our people are all well-trained and carefully selected to ensure that every precaution is taken. We are knowledgeable in giving our customers a smart solar system.


We focus on high-end technology ranging such as solar

roof systems and solar canopies. Even if it's just a grid, we create cutting-edge solutions that are dependable and high-quality. We make sure to install and do repairs to your unit properly. 


We are dedicated to the deployment of solar energy as a

means of environmental protection. We focus on successfully marketing solar-based solutions that provide maximum profit margins while posing a manageable risk during the project's lifetime. With long-term asset ownership, we cover and oversee all phases of the project life cycle, encouraging the

rising market opportunity for solar energy around the world.

We want to create value for you and your business through our sustainable solutions.

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An array of solar panels installed on top of a commercial building in Kellyville, NSW