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Close up photo of solar panels in the Hills District with the sun glaring in the background
Home with a brown tiled roof with solar panels installed and the glare of the sun reflecting off it. Photo taken in Castle Hill,NSW

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Solar Solutions for a Sustainable Future

At Hills Solar Installers, we’re not just helping you save money on your energy bill or reduce overhead costs for your business. We’re also helping you reduce your carbon footprint by providing solutions with long-lasting environmental impact. We provide you with personalised solutions for your business and residential energy needs. By using solar energy, you’re making optimum use of readily available resources without damaging the environment. It’s an innovative solution that reduces costs. 

Why Go Solar?

It's a long term solution

We all know that traditional fossil fuel is non-renewable. We will eventually deplete it sooner or later. We need to act now before it’s too late. We need to reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources and plan for the future with sustainable energy-saving solutions. No business or home will be safe from the threat of global warming. We all need to do our part in solving the current crisis.

It leaves us with zero pollution

Emissions from coal and other fossil fuel power plants are harmful to the environment. They produce some traceable amounts of

hazardous particles that escape through air filtering devices and into the atmosphere in coal-fired power plants. These contaminants damage our local ecological system and harm plants, animals, plants, and humans. Solar power is safer for the environment than other power sources since it produces no emissions.

A low maintenance solution

Once solar panels have been installed, there isn’t much to do. After installation, solar panels just require routine care and maintenance, such as keeping the surrounding area clean and cutting any tree branches that could cast a shadow on the solar panel and prevent sunlight from reaching it. This procedure may be carried out monthly or three to four times a year. It won’t take much time and resources. Solar panels are easy to


It conserves natural resources

Solar panels do not require any fuel because they transform light energy from the sun into heat and electricity. On the other hand, coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas power plants all rely on non-renewable resources to generate electricity.

It is affordable & cost-effective

Each year, you can save thousands, if not millions, of dollars on energy costs by lowering your power consumption. Because sunlight is constantly free and does not necessitate expensive mining and fuel processing. Once you've placed a solar panel, it'll run for free. You can save money and have an efficient system in one go.

It is the right thing to do

We shouldn’t turn a blind eye anymore to the current reality in our environment. Climate change is happening and as an individual or business, we need to take on some social responsibility. Switching to solar for your commercial energy needs will make you feel good about your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments.

Castle Hill house with solar panels installed on the tiled roof
Angled solar panels tilted upwards with the landscape of the Hills District, NSW captured behind
Two Hills District, NSW electricians working on the repair of photovoltaic solar panels in Kellyville, NSW

Why Hills Solar Installers?

We are Hills District solar installers that provide turnkey solar energy solutions. We convert renewable energy into a sustainable

source of power for your home or your business. We provide our customers with unrivalled design and installation expertise and experience. We endeavour to develop cost-effective, efficient, and high-performance sustainable energy sourcing solutions to fulfil the demands of our clients in the Hills District and other parts of Sydney, NSW.


We offer roof-top, ground-mounted, on-grid systems for commercial buildings and solar panels for business and residential owners because we recognise the demand for solar electricity and its potential to reduce company costs.


We serve both residential and commercial clients as one of the Hills District's most reputable renewable energy companies. We offer only the best products and services to our customers. To balance profit and purpose, we make sure that our team meets the standards of proven social and environmental performance. We believe that solar power can help to redefine corporate success and create a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable economy. It's forms part of the answer to our environmental concerns today and

in the future.

Home in Kellyville, NSW with new solar panels installed by Hills Solar
Australian made solar panels installed on top of a Sydney home

Our Solar Services Process


Our service begins with a thorough analysis to choose the finest solar technology for your house or business. To assess the criteria for system size, capacity, and probable installation cost, our skilled engineers evaluate the site, structural data, and energy goals. We're here to evaluate your unit and address any issues you may have during this stage.

If you need

additional data or more information, we're dedicated to helping you by offering a number of options and innovative solar solutions to your home or business.


We have built and developed residential and business solar installations all throughout Hills District and Sydney. Without

sacrificing quality, we provide low-cost solar energy and installation. We have

qualified specialists and manufacturers, as well as post installation monitoring to ensure that your solar panels are working and serving their purpose. We explain the entire process to our customers to make sure they understand the system's design and predicted performance. The principles of design, installation phases and issues, expected energy output, and monitoring endeavours are all part of our business offerings.


Hills Solar Installers provides you with the best products and comprehensive solar systems at a lesser cost than other Sydney-based solar firms. Our business also makes sure that homeowners and businesses can take advantage of all available utility, state, and federal incentive programs to help them reduce their expenses. Our experts can also provide you with more information on a wide range of financing options, from traditional loans to lease agreements.

Don't hesitate to ask us for links or advice to help address your financing concerns.


We have knowledgeable and experienced solar installers in Hills District who are committed to finishing projects on time. To optimise performance, we recognise the necessity for skilled design and engineering to integrate with

the building's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. We have an

experienced and skilled team who will perform the necessary calculations and serve as consultants to stakeholders and builders of the project. At Hills Solar Installers, your business is in the right hands.


All aspects of the project will be overseen by a dedicated project manager, including bidding, designing, permitting, working

with other subcontractors, and delivering a high-quality project. You don't need to worry about anything else. Our project managers and specialists are all highly trained and well-experienced with any kind of challenge that may come up.

We give you quality solutions to your problems. 

Customer Service & Check Ins

Hills Solar Installers believes that the customers should always come first. As such, throughout the process, we make sure to communicate with and engage with our customers, from site evaluation to monitoring. We don't just install, we make sure that we will address all of your solar needs from start to finish. We prefer to stay in touch with our customers even after

our solutions have been deployed. Routine maintenance services, as well as monthly and annual inspections, are all included in our service plan. After the system has been installed, we make sure that you don't have any issues with your solar panels.

Hills Solar Installation Services

Our business has worked on different kinds of roofs and projects. We have experience in residential solar installation and commercial solar installation. Our engineering and project teams have worked on a wide range of structures, including reinforced concrete, metal roofs of various types, and even ground mounts. Before beginning work on-site, we will guarantee that all structural calculations, dynamic loads, and wind loads have been completed.

Hills Solar Installers has a process-oriented project management strategy that allows us to ensure that you receive seamless and

hassle-free projects again and again.

Residential Solar Installations

We make going solar as simple as possible. At every step

of the journey, we make sure to be there for you and your family. We provide solar systems and supplies to our residential customers to suit their house designs, gardens, ponds, personal hobbies, and outdoor activities.

Hills Solar Installers provides unbeatable value to homeowners interested in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. In the installation, testing, and maintenance, we seek help from our own team of experts in the Hills District. We give the experience, assistance, and guidance you need to make going solar simple, from the moment we meet to the moment your panels start producing power.

Adopting solar also boosts your home's market value. A

lot of potential homebuyers understand that solar panels improve the price of a property. Since the system is already in place and they don't have to pay for the initial investment, the property's value increases. As such, you won't only be saving money or protecting the environment, but also increasing the resale value of your property by going solar.

Tilted solar panels installed on top of a commercial building in Bella Vista, NSW

Commercial Solar Installations

At Hills Solar Installers, we make sure that your environmental sustainability goals will be met. We recognise that every business faces distinct operational and environmental issues.

But with our help, you can achieve your green energy

goals. Convert sunshine into energy and start using green

electricity to run your business. You can now make the most of your rooftop and every ray of sunlight to support green initiatives.

Hills Solar Installers offers packaged energy solutions

that make green energy affordable and accessible. We can bundle cost-effective power plans to meet your energy needs, in addition to taking care of end-to-end solar panel installation and maintenance.

Allow our solar experts to assist you in optimising your

energy profile so that your companies can move toward a low-carbon future.

Hills Solar engineers doing a maintenance check on solar panels installed on top of a commercial building in Bella Vista, NSW